Our Approach

This Old Hamshack is for hams, by hams.

We wish to offer our knowledge on the hobby of amateur radio from the perspective of two hams who are decades younger than the average "old man".

Our Story

TOHS is the brainchild of Dominic, a newer operator with a rapidly accumulated wealth of knowledge on the hobby, but enjoys poking at the culture within the ham community.

Meet the Team

We don't take anything too seriously around here, but we wish to help you in your advancement in the hobby with informative tips, instruction, philosophy, and a dose of sarcasm.

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Founder, Chief Operating Amateur

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Elmer, microphone cord & coax wrangler

Evan was first licensed at age 14 and has over a decade in the hobby. He is a general class, and might eventually get his damn extra. He enjoys FT8, DMR, building antennas, and the occasional FM or SSB chat.