Episode 2: DIsproving Flat Earth theory

In Episode 2, Evan & Dominic dive into what ham operators know about Flat Earth Theory and other radio fallacies

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Episode 1: Introduction & State of Amateur Radio

In this episode, Evan and Dominic provide an introductory preamble, and the state that ham radio is in, as well as where it may be headed.

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TOHS Standard Phonetic Alphabet

Regular ITU Standard Phonetic Alphabet just not doing it for you? We have an alternative...

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Welcome to This Old Hamshack

This Old Hamshack is blog and podcast maintained by two opinionated amateur radio operators from Ohio. Topics for blog posts and podcasts will run the gambit from the philosophy of the hobby, technical advice and how-twos, humorous satire, and stories from our journey in the hobby of amateur radio.



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